Diniwid Beach

Hidden from the hustle and bustle of White Beach, this beach is a great option if you want a quiet getaway without compromising on breathtaking scenery.

Half the appeal of Diniwid Beach is getting there. Located right next to White Beach, it's a 20 minute tricycle ride away from Station 2. However, it is strongly suggested that you head to Station 1 and take the cliffside trail. At the northern end of White Beach, there is a meter-wide path for pedestrians alongside the cliff. There are ropes attached to the wall as a safety measure. At the turn, be prepared to get blown away by a magnificent panoramic view of White Beach. Once you are done taking in the sights, continue along the path and you will soon be at Diniwid Beach.

You will notice the stark difference in atmosphere once you reach Diniwad Beach. It is only 200m long, but a lot quieter and cleaner than its neighbour. Couples craving for privacy would do well to visit this beach. Take a walk on the soft, white sand and soak in the wonders of nature. Surrounded by hills, cliffs and rocks, this beach is extremely romantic and ideal for wedding photography.

There are 2 restaurants which provide great views of Diniwid Beach and Nami Restaurant is highly recommended. You can take the stairs up to the top or experience being on an antique bamboo elevator. Head there earlier to catch the sunset while you have your dinner as this beach has a superb sunset view. There are also many other dining and drinking options along the beach.

Diniwad Beach is a good spot for swimming as well as you do not need to fight with the crowd for space. But there are quite a number of rocks and seaweed in the sea so do be careful when swimming. There is a pontoon out in the water that you can swim to; take a break and just lie there, letting the warmth of the sun envelop you. Alternatively, you can also use it as a platform to do a mini dive back into the sea. Swim towards the right and you may find a small cove where locals go to do some cliff jumping. Just remember to only dive when it is high tide, though!