Balinghai Beach

An exclusive private beach owned by a resort, Balinghai Beach is best for couples who want to have a romantic meal by the sea.

A quaint little beach only accessible during low tide as it will be underwater when it's high tide. The 100 meter Balinghai Beach is owned by Balinghai Beach Resort and there will be an entrance charge of 500 pesos to enter the beach. This fee is redeemable for food and beverages at the resort's restaurant. Children below the age of 8 are allowed to enter for free. It would be good to note that the beach is a few hundred steps down from the main gate, so do wear proper shoes to get up and down.

Couples looking for privacy will greatly enjoy this beach, as well as the fact that visitors will be able to experience a candlelit dinner on the beach itself next to the sea, a scene straight out of a fairy tale. Many proposals have been done here as well. There are lounge chairs on the beach for you to just relax and enjoy the calmness of the surroundings.

Other than couples, dive enthusiasts will enjoy this beach too as there's a reef named after the beach nearby. Balinghai Reef is a pair of 200 meters long parallel reef walls which offers abundant reef life, situated a 10 minute boat ride away from the beach. Snorkelling is also recommended as the waters are crystal clear and filled with marine life. Just be careful while admiring the huge corals as some of them are sharp. Other activities on Balinghai Beach include kayaking and sailing. There is a boat rental on the beach itself which rents out kayaks, sailboats, pumpboats and jetskis.

It is easiest to reach the beach by taking a boat from White Beach or Puka Beach. Otherwise, it is a 15 minute tricycle journey from the centre of Boracay.