Ilig Iligan Beach

Get connected with nature on Ilig Iligan Beach as the greenery here is untouched and this beach is virtually hidden from the noisy crowds.

It is hard to locate the secluded Ilig Iligan Beach, but on the bright side, this means the mass majority do not know about this beach or are unable to find it, which makes it private and quiet. It is a good beach for a picnic, since there is only one restaurant and bar there anyway. There is a charge of 20 peso for restroom use, so please bring small change along with you.

Although the sand on this small beach is not as powdery as those on the other beaches, it is white and cooling so you can walk on it with bare feet. Whether you need time for personal reflection or to brainstorm some new ideas, this is a good place to do it as there are no noises except for the sound of gentle waves.

There are corals and sea life within 50-100 meters of the shoreline, so do bring your snorkelling gear as there are no rental shops on this beach and also some bread crumbs if you wish to feed the fishes. It is strongly advise that you bring swimming shoes as well, for there are many big sea urchins in the sea here and you do not want to risk stepping on them.

Several coves and caves can be found on this beach and you will also be able to spot a jungle with giant fruit bats hanging on the trees before sunset when they fly off. The more adventurous ones can even venture into the jungle for a hike. If you wish to go to the Bat Cave, a major tourist attraction on Boracay, there are local children around the beach who you can hire to take you there for about 200 pesos. Please wear proper shoes if you intend to head there as it is a 30 minute walk and the cave itself is quite slippery.

Located at the northeast coast of Boracay, your best bet to get here would be a 20 minute tricycle or motorbike ride from the centre of the island. Locals will take advantage of the seclusion of this place and charge a higher rate to bring you here. If you are hiring the driver for a round trip, make sure you only pay after you reach your final destination or you may get stranded. The price can go up to 400 pesos, but it is still a better alternative than walking, which may take you up to 1.5 hours. If you do walk though, you will be rewarded with sights of different species of birds and butterflies along the way. The best time to visit is during high season. Please bring a plastic bag to throw your trash and keep the beach clean as there are no bins on the beach.