Tambisaan Beach

Discover the charm of Boracay on this beach, just next to the village where the locals reside. If you are an avid snorkeler, it's a must to visit Tambisaan Beach.

Don't underestimate this quiet, unassuming beach. Located further south of Bulabog Beach, Tambisaan Beach is where you will find most of the locals. It is also near Crocodile Island and Crystal Cove. This is a serene beach with white sand and bluish-green clear water. Wade in with a snorkel and you'll be amazed at what you see underwater.

For those who go to Boracay for snorkelling, Tambisaan Beach is the perfect place to be as they have a large amount of marine life. In fact, it is the beach which has the largest amount of marine life in Boracay. To get to the marine life, walk about one third along the beach and then swim about 25 meters into the bay. You will find different varieties of soft, colourful corals and fishes every 50 meters. Some would describe even describe it as being in an interactive aquarium.

Snorkelling improves breathing and overall fitness; it is also a good way to overcome a fear of diving if you wish to learn but are afraid. Just remember to bring your snorkelling gear along as there are no rental shops on the beach at all. The bonus is that there are no touts constantly hassling you. There are also not many restaurants and bars here, save for 2 restaurants at the end of the beach which the island hopping tour groups go to. If you wish to dine there, do go early to avoid the crowd. There are a couple of local stores selling snacks around the beach.

Alternatively, venture into the village and get a glimpse of the native life. There are many street food stalls and it is a lot cheaper than the restaurants at the tourist areas. Here, you will see the authentic Boracay; the houses of the locals and the lifestyle they lead. You can also spot them on the beach fishing and just enjoying the little pleasures in life. The only time the beach gets noisy is when the island hopping tours arrive and also in June, where the crowds from White Beach come over as the weather is bad during that period.

Tambisaan Beach is located at the southeastern tip of the island and is 15-20 minutes away from the centre of Boracay on a tricycle. You can also get there from any of the boats stations on White Beach, with Station 3 being the nearest.