Puka Beach

Originally called Yapak Beach, this beach became known as Puka beach because of the Puka shells which can be found mixed in the sand. Visit this beach for some peace and quiet or if you want to have a relaxing swim.

At 800 meters long, Puka Beach is the second longest beach in Boracay and is popular for the puka shells found mixed with the sand of the beach. The sand on the beach is a little more grainy and rough due to the puka shells. Puka shells are also known as island jewels of the sea and are typically used to make jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and anklets. You can identify Puka Beach by the huge cliff that stretches along the whole length of the beach and during the evening, you may spot giant bats flying over the top of the cliff.

This beach is perfect for a good swim as it is not crowded with people and there are very minimal algae in the water, if any at all. The water gets deep pretty fast which also makes for a good swim, however do take extra care when swimming during the Nov-Jan period as the currents are stronger and the water is rougher then. Please do note that there are no lifeguard services on the beach so it would be best to stay near the shore if you are not an experienced swimmer.

You can also have a peaceful stroll on this beach and gather some puka shells on the way. Let the artist in you string some together and create a handmade necklace or bracelet. They would make great souvenirs for your friends back home! For those of you who'd rather buy souvenirs, there are also local souvenir shops at the entrance selling puka jewelry.

Although this beach is not as commercialized as White Beach, there will be many touts who will offer you a “free” chair or bed to relax on. Do not sit on those chairs as they are not free and once you sit on them, you will need to get a drink at an exorbitant price.  Instead, walk towards the end of the beach where there will be less boats and people. Bring your own beach towel and laze by the beach while getting a good tan. If you have time, do stay for a breathtaking view of the sunset!

It is strongly advised that you bring your own food and drinks if you plan to stay for a full day at Puka beach as the eateries are few and far between. There is a restaurant at the entrance and a couple of stalls selling grilled or fried snacks along the way. Otherwise, it would be perfect to go to Puka Beach for a half day swim and then head elsewhere for your meal.

Puka Beach is at the Northern tip of Boracay and a 20 minute tricycle ride away from the centre of the island. It is also part of most island-hopping tours, however if you wish to spend more time there it would be better to make your way there yourself instead.